Strengthening Your Workplace

Compensate competitively and transparently, create paths to meaning and advancement, and cultivate an inclusive and engaging culture.

Talent shortage or no, a strong workplace is always a competitive advantage. While this analysis points to several promising strategies for strengthening workplaces, there’s no one path to success. The North Star? Ask employees what they want and need. Consider the untapped insights you might learn from the people you employ:

  • 1 in 2

    One in two Northeast Ohioans surveyed in 2022 who planned to quit their jobs in the next year said there’s something their employer could do to keep them.

  • 1 in 4

    About one in four working Northeast Ohioans say they need more training or education to get ahead.

  • 50%

    One in two women with children under five say childcare issues are an extreme or moderate barrier to work for themselves and people they know.